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When indulging in Bondage or BDSM play, do you enjoy the sensation of reaching climax through electric stimulation? If so, our fabulous Electro Sex Toy selection has a fantastic range of devices that deliver to you this electrifying exciting form of pleasure. Our range of Electric Sex Toy devices have been designed to provide sensational and electryfying tingling shock treatment to any area of your body. Enhance your playtime with our range of electro accessories guaranteed to enhance your pleasure further and make it more enjoyable. We have speciality electro sex toys such as anal dildos, vaginal dildos, penis straps, breast cups, sleeves, gloves, plugs, gel and of course the all-important power box, all so you can experience that enjoyable electric experience.

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MyStim Tingling Aparte Estim Vibrator



Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2 E-Stim Cock Cage with Urethral Sound



Mystim Pubic Enemy No 1 Electro Sex Cock Cage with Urethral Sound Black



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