Security and Privacy

Is it safe to order online?

Absolutely! Shopping online at with your credit or debit card is completely safe and secure.  Any information you give to us – name, address and card details is 100% secure. Any personal information that you give to us is encrypted by our secure server. This means your card number, name and address details are all scrambled before being sent over the internet to us.  We use 256 Secure Sockets Layer (SSL encryption)

Any card details sent to us are presented directly to our bank for clearance.

How do you know if our site is secure?

In the checkout area, to the left of the URL you will see the word ‘Secure’ along with a padlock also. This padlock shows the area of the site is secure.  Once your order is completed and securely processed online, all your debit card and credit card details are deleted.

We use an industry recognised secure online payment gateway so all your details will be automatically verified.

3D Secure For Safer Payments

We also have added security in the form of 3D Secure. 3D Secure is a standard developed by the card schemes Visa and MasterCard to improve the security of Internet payments. It was developed to protect all the parties in the payment process: from the shopper through to the online merchant. You can rest assured knowing your payments are completely secure.

If you would like more information about secure shopping with Adored, please reach out to us via our Contact Us methods.