HELP! My toy is not working

You will be excited to try out your new sex toys once they have arrived. If for some reason your sex toys are not working, please go through the checklist below as most of the time they will solve the issue. What are you waiting for, let’s go!

Replace the batteries?

Get some fresh batteries and insert them into your toy. A fresh pair of new batteries might wake up the toy. Do remember to remove the batteries from your toy when not in use as some toys can drain your batteries if they remain in your sex toy. To stop your toy accidentally buzzing, remove the batteries when finished playing.

Has your toy got enough of the right kind of batteries?

Depending on the toy you are using, the number and type of batteries will differ.  Always ensure you double check the kind of batteries required.

Are the batteries inserted the correct way?

If the batteries are the right kind and your sex toy still does not work, check the batteries are inserted the correct way.  Refer to the instruction for inserting batteries.

Check the battery compartment?

Many vibrators, particularly bullet vibrators, come with batteries already inserted.  Before you turn on the vibrator, remove the small paper disc in the battery compartment, then turn on the device. Another thing to check is the plastic sleeve that lines the battery compartment is in place. This sleeve is required to make the connection complete, while the paper is there to prevent the toy switching on while in transit to you.

Are the batteries sealed in plastic?

Batteries included with some toys may come wrapped in a clear plastic seal. While this seal is in place the batteries will not work. Carefully remove this seal for the batteries to work.

Is the toy rechargeable?

If you have purchased a toy that is rechargeable, we recommend you fully charge the toy before using it. Read the instructions as some toys require 24 hours to be fully charged. We always suggest you thoroughly read through instructions. Any toy which is rechargeable will usually indicate it is charging via flashing light. Once the light is solid the toy is completely charged.

Say no to rechargeable batteries!

We always recommend normal batteries are used in the toys as opposed to rechargeable ones. A rechargeable battery can be slightly larger than a normal battery so could damage the battery compartment when you try to insert them.

Have you securely screwed the battery cap on?

When using a toy that has a twist base covering the batteries there are a couple of things you should do.  Always ensure the base is completely covering the base and is as tight as possible. Sometimes this extra twist can kickstart the toy into action.  If your sex toy is older, check the springs on the inside of the base, these can get compressed resulting in them not making full contact with the battery. Gently tugging on the spring is all it takes to re-ignite your toy back into action.

What is that funny smell coming for my toy?

First thing, don’t panic! Almost all PVC or vinyl dildos will always smell strongly because of the material used to manufacture the toy. There is no quick fix to remove the smell. However, over time the smell will gradually fade.  Using an appropriate toy cleaner will aid the process. We recommend washing all toys with warm water and our 4 in 1 Pure and Clean Toy Cleaner.

It is still not working after all the checks!

If after going through the above steps, your toy is still not working, we apologise and will rectify the situation. Please email remembering to include your order number and we will arrange a replacement toy for you.